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The AVIV Ibex Scarf is made from 100% natural silk with fair-trade, local labour. All of our products are produced in limited numbers and we made sure that all the pieces could be combined with each other. The AVIV Scarfs are providing a look into our feelings and memories to this special place, with motives and figures which are important for us. 


The AVIV collection was inspired by the vacations in Tel Aviv and the many memories we got from there. Over the long winter, while we were looking at our photos from the White City, we decided to dedicate our next collection to these feelings and experiences and to transform this into our designs. The mediterranean summer days, the sea, the nature and the people, influenced this world, where Ibex goats, big cats, waves, the one and only israeli tahini and the infinite number of oleander plays together into one comprehensive feeling.


• 100% Silk

• Vegan


Kamay Ko is a slow-fashion brand and we are aiming to be environmentally conscious, therefore our products are made in limited numbers. Due to this some products could have longer shipping time (up to 10-14 days). Please contact us if you have any questions!

AVIV Vase Silk Scarf

  • 100% Silk

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