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The BBORGHESE - Women's Skirt -Buddha Light is made from 100% natural materials with fair-trade and local labor. All our products are produced in limited numbers, and during the design process, we dedicated a special focus to make them a great fit for all beautiful women shapes and forms, as well as to make sure all the pieces could be combined with each other.Our printed materials were designed by us to make your outfit unique and special for all occasions.


BORGHESE - Rome, the eternal city provided the inspiration for our newest Kamay Ko collection. The Villa Borghese is a never-ending miracle of nature with century old trees, beautiful lawns, ponds and lakes and fountains all around. Get to know the secrets of this magical place through our new collection, whereas usual patterns and colors are dominant on all products.


• 100% natural materials

• 100% viscose 

• Fabrics made in Italy at Lake Como


You can ask for customized tailoring for all of our products for the perfect fit. Kamay Ko is a slow-fashion brand and we are aiming to be environmentally conscious, therefore our products are made in limited numbers. Due to this some products could have longer shipping time (up to 10-14 days). Please contact us if you have any questions!


BORGHESE - Women's Skirt -Buddha Light

  • 100% Viscose

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