The IKA TUNIKA is made from 100% natural materials and in a fair-trade environment, using only local labour. All of our products are made in limited numbers, and during the design process we dedicated a special focus to make them a great fit for all beautiful women shapes and forms, as well as to make sure all the pieces could be combined with each other. The two added KAMAY KO tags, makes IKA  special and unique, and with the variaty of colors you're able to choose the best fit for you.


• 100% natural materials

• Fit-for-all Size

• Vegan


You can ask for customized tailoring for all of our products for the perfect fit.


Kamay Ko is a slow-fashion brand and we are aiming to be environmentally conscious, therefore our products are made in limited numbers. Due to this some products could have longer shipping time. Please contact us if you have any questions!


21 990,00 FtPrice